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There are many opportunities to be involved in the Downtown initiative.

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Service Opportunities:

Montrose Downtown Development Authority Board of Directors

  • Time commitment: 6 – 12 hours month
  • Regular meetings typically last for 1 1/2 - 2 hours
  • Board members serve on a standing committee
  • Board has financial responsibility for the Montrose DDA
  • Board members are appointed by the Montrose City Council for 4-year terms
  • Board establishes program policy
  • Board is responsible for fulfilling the legal and financial requirements in the conduct of the organization

Montrose Downtown Organization Committee

  • In development - Yet to be seated. Please inquire if interested!     
  • Time commitment: 4 –6 hours month
  • Monthly meeting typically for 60 - 90 minutes
  • Establishes consensus among various groups, both internal & external
  • Collaborative effort to effect volunteer recruitment with partners, standing committees and stakeholders
  • Clearly delineates responsibilities and distributes workload
  • Likely candidates include: Professionals, Administrators, Retired Executives or Managers, Organizational Facilitators

Montrose Downtown Design Committee

  • Time commitment: 4 – 6 hours month
  • Project-focused
  • Monthly meeting typically for 60 - 90 minutes
  • Responsible for: Design education & technical assistance, Building & sign improvements, Design review, Public space design
  • Likely candidates include: Architects, Real Estate Agents, Contractors, Downtown Property Owners, History Buffs, Interior Designers, Florists, Lanscapers, Graphic Designers, Artists, Students

Montrose Downtown Promotions Committee

  • Time commitment: 4 –6 hours month

  • Monthly meeting typically for 60 - 90 minutes
  • Responsible for: Public relations, Image Development, Retail Promotions, Special Events, Marketing Strategy
  • Likely candidates include: Downtown Merchants & Employees, Business Owners, Non-Profit Board Members or Employees, Graphic Designers, Artists, Arts Organizations, Advertising Professionals, People who want to be “part of the action”

Montrose Downtown Economic Restructuring Committee

  • Time commitment: 4 – 6 hours month
  • Monthly meeting typically for 60 - 90 minutes
  • Responsible for: Data collection and market research, Assistance and incentives for business and property development, Business retention and recruitment, Identifying market position, Property development
  • Likely candidates include: Merchants, Realtors & Mortgage Brokers, Marketing Professionals, Business Teachers, Investment Brokers, Economic Development Staff, Downtown Property Owners, Retired Executives or Managers, Consumers, Developers

Montrose Downtown Event Support Team

  • Time Commitment - As needed
  • No monthly meetings. Volunteers contacted to support events as they occur.
  • Responsible for: street closure, vendor location and support, event oversight, possible manual labor for event set-up and take-down
  • Likely candidates include: Construction Workers, Retirees, Business Owners, Tradesman, Members of Parent Action Committees (PACs), Downtown Supporters, Event Coordinators

Volunteer Application Form