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Bike Parking
Bike Parking
The Downtown Development Authority is working to make biking in and to downtown an enjoyable, convenient, and safe experience. A map of all bike parking options will be posted here shortly.

Bike Rack Donation Program

The Montrose Downtown Development Authority is excited to announce the new Downtown Bike Racks! Donation Program. This program is designed to better accommodate cyclists who visit the downtown area and give businesses, organizations, or individuals the opportunity to show their support for cycling in our community.

The racks are locally designed and produced by ReclaMetals. Racks may be purchased to place in downtown Montrose. Each rack donation includes a custom designed decal recognizing the sponsoring entity.

The cost of the rack, plaque and installation is $300. Prior to purchasing the rack, the sponsoring entity will work with the Downtown Development Authority to identify mutually-agreed upon locations for the racks.

The Bike Rack Donation Program provides a unique way to show support for cycling in our community.

If you are interested in donating a rack or have any questions about the program, please call the Montrose Downtown Development Authority at (970) 901-9667 or .

Download a program brochure here.